Monday, 29 April 2013

stabbed in the heart n it keeps twisting!

bit of a deep title I know, but pretty much sums up the way am feeling right now.

so to cut a long story short...turns out that girl I was telling you about...well she is 6 months pregnant with this guys kid...truth is he knew from the beginning n choose to keep this from me.

Ok yes am mad and upset and hurt about it an extreme it almost brings me to tears to even talk about it...but what hurt the most is the fact he lied continuously to my face...tried to patch things up with me knowing dam well what was going on in the background...and then I still don't find out the truth from him! oh no! I find out via social network site! Not even his, from her page! and yes a little girl (which me and him had always wanted together as well as our son)
I feel sickened by it to the core.
this girl is only having this baby to 1) spite me 2) try and trap him down and 3) most importantly for her she gets to bum off the state for another couple years grading the government and tax payers money! oh yes for get about us out here that grind hard for our money to make ends meat n to support out kids the way we should and to bring them up to know they should work hard for things they want in life.

am sickened! Not to mention all his family knew as well....what a complete mug I must look!

u know there's not a lot I can do about it but I just feel so gutted so betrayed and cut deep!

this guy claims he didn't want it and doesn't want it but I know him too well and have been there my self where he said the same about our son and then it was like a novelty to him at first then it wore off.

what I don't want to happen is for this baby to be born and my son to get completely neglected and never seen at all.

is it wrong for me to feel like this? am I wrong for saying I don't want my son around this girl or her baby...she's bad news and I don't want that kinda of behaviour or person around my son. Half sister or not!

Am i wrong if I shut this down completely and get rid of any contact with this guy before he hurts my son and me any more??

what would you do??? real delicate subject and it's a fresh wound right now...and yes it does feel like his stabbed me in the heart hit the nail on the head and keeps twisting it!!!

Thursday, 18 April 2013

little star in the making ...well in my eyes :)

ok so I figured my home needed some updated pics for the walls. Not gonna lie my photos up hadn't been changed since my son was born (almost 2 years ago).

so got a friend that's practising photography and done us a good deal, got myself some gorgeous pics of my little man ..(well there gorgeous to me lol) Any mum would say that about there own kids. But any how, just a quick blog to let you in a bit more ...check out my swagged out lil man :)

Feel free to drop me a comment, lets face it half the fun of blogging should be knowing people are reading and then communicating with you.

I haven't blogged for a bit recently due to being so busy with this upcoming "thing" I'm doing but all will be revealed soon ..promise :)