Thursday, 18 April 2013

little star in the making ...well in my eyes :)

ok so I figured my home needed some updated pics for the walls. Not gonna lie my photos up hadn't been changed since my son was born (almost 2 years ago).

so got a friend that's practising photography and done us a good deal, got myself some gorgeous pics of my little man ..(well there gorgeous to me lol) Any mum would say that about there own kids. But any how, just a quick blog to let you in a bit more ...check out my swagged out lil man :)

Feel free to drop me a comment, lets face it half the fun of blogging should be knowing people are reading and then communicating with you.

I haven't blogged for a bit recently due to being so busy with this upcoming "thing" I'm doing but all will be revealed soon ..promise :)

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