Thursday, 21 March 2013

Keep calm and carry on....

well the title says it all....

I am one happy lady right now. Just updating from my last post, and I can safely say I am definitely not having that "waste of spaces" baby again :) ooh yh!

feeling rather good right about now, this news has just made me feel even stronger and relieved.

also turns out that the other girl isn't pregnant he was making things up because he couldn't think of anything else to say to hurt me. Kinda perfectic really when you think about it. all I can do is feel pity for him. the guy clearly needs help, counciling or something.

am thinking maybe that because his dad left him when he was young and he saw how his dad treated his mum, His trying so hard not to be like him but in actual fact is ending up exactly like him if not worse. that's just my philosophy on it but hey I'm no expert on them kinda things.

well onwards and upwards I say.
got my little boys 2nd birthday coming up real soon (less than 3 weeks time) Scary where time goes. so have lots of planning and organising to do for him. going to spoil my lil man rotten "because I can"!!!!! Lol.

of course no doubt there will be some sort of drama to come from his dad about all this but yh we will see.

I would love to know if there is actually any one out there reading this???
Or anyone else that can relate to anything I've said in any of my blogs?? leave me a comment let me know :) would be great to know I'm not just rambling on to myself, although getting all this down in writing does help clear my head and take a lot of stress away. I suppose you could say it helps put my life into a different perspective. which of course is a good thing as this lets me see and think how everyone from the outside looking In sees my messed up relationship past!

I'm happy to share with you, and hope it helps others too :) xx


  1. Girl…Your life reads like a really sad soap opera….I read your first blog and I thought …Wow…This girls got some issues…I mean really? kept going back to this guy? What?....You must have had some kind of “Self-esteem” problems. And really I didn’t feel sorry for him….I felt sorry for you!! But…I’m glad to hear that you are getting your life back together not only for your sake…but for your son. I believe that if your son grows up seeing how you have been abused and treated by a man….He my grow up thinking that it’s okay to treat women that way. Be strong and confident…Show your son that women don’t have to put up with any bullshit from anybody.
    We all face hardships and challenges in our lives…and sometimes we bring them down upon ourselves (I know that I have) The key is…Keep moving forward no matter what and learn from your mistakes… and it looks like to me you took quite a few steps back
    Life is hard and unfair sometimes but there is still a lot of beauty in it…Good luck to you and your son. I wish you the best.
    (You did ask if anyone was reading)

  2. Nope, you are right, I did ask and i'm grateful for your comment. I do completely agree with you as well. I wouldn't have said that I had self esteem issues, maybe not as confident as i am now but that was never really down to the relationship i was in. My Issue was being head over heels in love with this guy (first Love as well) and not seeing the real picture.
    I do now however see now what a complete mug I was for going back to him time after time, But like they do say Love is blind. I'm Just grateful that I can see now, and that I no longer have that feeling towards him.
    My son is my number one priority and has been since the day I found out i was pregnant. I did feel at first every one deserves a chance to have both parents in there life and this is why I gave this guy a chance. I wasn't going to be one of these typical mums that instantly disregards the dad. As it turns out he doesn't deserve the love and time of his son and that is how it remains.

    I do however not regret a single thing, and believe that i for one am a stronger person out of this and it most definatley shows to others, and for my son. i have huge steps that I'm taking in the next couple of months and Im extremly proud of this movement as well. Life changing for me and my son :)

    thank you for your kind wishes it means alot :)

    1. Yeah, love is blind..and stupid sometimes….I know, I’ve been there too. And sometimes it’s hard to take advice from others on such subjects as love.
      I’m glad to hear that your experience has made you a stronger person. Like you said, you have nothing to regret…I believe that the hardships we face can do two things: It can make us a better person or it can make us a lot worse off than what we were to begin with. It’s the pains and joys that we experience in life that make us who we are…and how we see and relate to others….good or bad.
      Good luck on your “Huge Steps”….just know when to take a few little steps along the way :) I’m sure at some point you will stumble and maybe fall. But just get right back up and keep walking toward that goal.

      And about seeing the “Real Picture”: Sometimes you have to step back…Look real hard…Then close your eyes to see it for what it is.

      Good Luck once again.....and I'm kind of excited for you :)