Friday, 24 May 2013

Exciting Times...:)

If your Based in the UK, you will know that the weather here is just horrible. It rains 95% of the time, snows 3% of the time and we only have a summer of about 2%. That 2% am normally stuck in an office working!! Such a drag!
So having said all that, I decided its about time to take my son away on holiday. I'm in need of some relaxation, destressing, and  some nice sun, sea and sand. To say a nice healhy tan is needed is an understatement.
So....I booked my Parents holiday home for 2 weeks in June and Im so excited. Knowing its only a couple weeks away, just makes it even more exciting.
I think the build up to a holiday is always the best part. The buying of new holiday clothes, packing and then sitting at the airport is the big build up. Love it!!
Well having said all that this holiday has been booked since February, so now so close so near...its about that time to do some serious shopping :)
Not only am i excited about going away in June...I'm now in the process of booking a next holiday for september.
You see it might seem like i'm bragging about it or maybe to some it doesn't seem a big thing, but last year was the year from hell for me.
I ended up using the majority of my annaul leave on my son when he was ill as i couldn't afford to take it off unpaid.
so this year, I have my full annaul leave to take and can actually use it accordingly and to do something with my son thats memorable and fun.
exciting times right now...:)

Thursday, 23 May 2013

change for the better or the worse ..?

ok so I haven't posted a blog in a while. Alot has happened since my last blog and if I remember rightly it was rather an emotional and very deep blog.

well I can't say I'm over that scene completely as that would be a lie. I can't say that I will definitely get over that scene either as it hit me hard, but, I am more than ok at the moment.

now you all know my life in regards to relationships wise is always rocky always a drama and 9 times out of ten I let this guy back into my life one way or another.

well yes I suppose I kinda have. now I don't need the lectures of are you am idiot a mug, insecure etc etc the answer is maybe a mug but most definitely not insecure. just a young women with mad feelings for her first love.

So you see, I can't forget what's happened but we can try and move on from it one way or another.
the past 2 weeks have been strange but quite amazing. there's been no arguments no upset, and his been spending good quality time with me and his son. (Like he should be) we've talked about things been quite honest with each other and it seems so far to be working. 

now I'm not asking for your judgement on my decisions on my life but I would like to know if any of you have been in a situation like mine? have you had to deal with another girl having your mans kid? if so how did you get through it? if you got through it? did it break you? or make you stronger.

the not knowing how things are going to turn out come August when this kid arrives is killing me. not to mention the fact she's having his first daughter something me and him always talked about wanting together. Proper killer to my heart.

well will keep you posted, no doubt there will be some sort of drama happening in my life lol always is :)